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Worship Series

Seeking Peace Together


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You are welcome to join our Worship Service in person on by Zoom. 


This summer our focus in Worship will be "Seeking Peace Together".  This series explores topics in the following areas:

Peace with God

Peace within

Peace with others 

Peace with creation.  

Photo by Linda Wenger

adult study group
thursday 7 pm
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Acts of the Apostles

You may join us via ZOOM.


to receive an invitation

Photo by Paul Bulai 

on Unsplash

You are welcome to join us as we continue our study of the book of Acts. In Acts 1:8, Jesus commissioned the Apostles to "be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."  In the past several months, we have followed the story of the expansion of the church, from it's beginning in Jerusalem at Pentecost, out into Judea and Samaria.  Now we will  study the story of the gospel being spread further out into the Roman world (or the ends of the earth as known at that time) through the missionary journeys of Paul and other leaders in the early Christian church.  Join us as we seek to understand the story of the early church and ask what that story has to say to us today.  

Sunday, May 28
10:30 am

Acts 2:1-11

Speaker: Wade Dorsey


Sunday, June 4
10:30 am

Matthew 6:5-13

Your Kingdom Come

Speaker:  Dorothy Jean Weaver

Sunday, June 11

10:30 AM

Topic:  Born of the Spirit

John 3:1-21

Speaker: Joan Kulp

Sunday, June 18

10:30 AM

Speaker:  Steve Pardini

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